Our specialty is engaging staff in a dynamic process of refining organizational goals to make change.  Information is powerful but only if it is clear and accessible.  We translate data into learning opportunities to design strategies and measure impact.  We use innovative, cloud-based technologies to collect data and communicate information from traditional methods of evaluation and planning.

* Evaluation:
We develop strategies to measure progress and advance organizational learning.
* Strategic Planning: We identify needs, set priorities, analyze resources, and develop measurable goals.
* Methods: We apply qualitative and quantitative approaches (focus groups, interviews, surveys, logic models, social network analysis) to gather and analyze information.
* Web-based Visualization: We use on-line approaches (like our unique Theory of Change tool the LogicMap™ or Salesforce dashboards) to facilitate real-time access to information. It promotes participation and unifies teams working for collective impact. Upgrading technological capacity is often a critical component of our  work.

Areas of Work
* Economic Deveklopment (Poverty, Homelessness, Social & Economic Disparities, Economic Justice)
* Capacity Building
* Policy & Advocacy
* Health & Social Services (Social Determinants of Health, Health Disparities, Health Access, Global Health)
* Education (Equity in Education, Access to Higher Education, Positive Schol Climate, Bullying)
* Leadership Development