Keira Armstrong

Keira Armstrong, Research Associate & Salesforce Support

KeiraKeira Armstrong, MPH, joined Graterol Consulting in 2012 and brings 10 years of experience in both research and applied evaluation to the team.  A background in academic research provided a strong foundation in program planning, intervention design, research methods (both quantitative and qualitative) and data management and analysis.  Since moving to the Bay Area, Keira has applied these evaluation techniques to the work of school districts, social service and public health agencies. Keira provides Salesforce support for qualitative and quantitative data analysis. She offers technical assistance and trainings on how to create and use customized Salesforce systems.

Keira holds a Masters of Public Health in International Health Services from the University of Washington (UW), and a double BA in International Studies and the Comparative History of Ideas from the UW.  Her masters work in 2000 studying HIV patterns in southern Africa led to years of work on health intervention projects as a researcher and trainer both in the US and abroad.  She worked on HIV and STD prevention in sites all over Zimbabwe, and was a data analyst for a project focusing on multi-drug resistant Tuberculosis in Lima, Peru.  She also worked on projects evaluating community coalitions created to manage asthma, or designing strategies to improve cancer-screening rates.

Most recently, Keira has shifted her focus to working with agencies to plan effective programs, measure impact, and clearly communicate achievements to stakeholders.  For example, Keira has worked with the Albany School District to better understand and use their data on school connectedness. She appreciates the fast pace, mixed methods and real time applications of working with foundations, nonprofits and community agencies.

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