Metro College Success Program (San Francisco State University)

* Design and implementation of a student success platform in Salesforce to support leadership with decision-making and programs’ day-to-day operations.

City College of San Francisco – Extension

* Design and implementation of their workshops platform in Salesforce to support automatic student’s registrations.

ACT for Women and Girls

* Evaluation and strategic planning for the agency programs including the Female Leadership Academy (FLA). ACT Logic Map

Marin Community Foundation (MCF)

* Evaluation and strategic planning of the Thriving Families Network (TFN), a 5-year economic development effort funded under the Ending the Cycle of Poverty Strategic Initiative. TFN was formed by Marin County non-profit agencies working to strengthen families, and communities through comprehensive services and collaboration.

* Evaluation and strategic planning of the Arts and Culture program to broaden, deepen, and diversify efforts providing equitable access to arts and cultural activities in Marin County.

* Participation in the Advisory Panel for policy development and assessment of gaps in health, education, and income in Marin County. The report titled Portrait of Marin was commissioned to the American Human Development Project.

* Policy development for the Improving Community Health program to address the social determinants of health impacting under-served and immigrant communities in Marin County. The policy scan led to the development of a resource guide titled, Improving Access to Affordable Healthy Food: A Resource Guide for Implementing Policy Changes in Marin County.

* Evaluation support for the program areas of: Access to Parks and Green Spaces; Arts Education; Arts in the Community; Equity in Legal Protection; Improving Community Health; Integration of Immigrants; Restoring Ecosystems; Social Justice and Interfaith Understanding; and Successful Aging.

* Evaluation and strategic planning for the San Rafael Canal Healthy Neighborhood,  a grassroots leadership development project led by the community to increase civic engagement and  participation among Canal residents.

* Evaluation support of the Marin County Latino Health Access Project (Latino Pathways), a collaborative comprised of primary care clinics and social services agencies to connect the Latino residents to health and social service programs.

Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP)

* Evaluation of the Funders’ Collaborative for Strong Latino Communities.

Community Wellness Program – San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center

* Evaluation support for the Wellness Program to measure impact on hospital patients and staff through its holistic approach that includes physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual health as interconnected and essential in achieving improved health and wellness.

Community Health & Prevention Services – County of Marin Health & Human Services

* Evaluation support for the Puentes Collaborative, a statewide effort of the California Department of Public Health to reduce teenage and unintended pregnancy and absentee fatherhood, promote responsible parenting and assist adolescents in accessing clinical services.

Canal Welcome Center

* Strategic planning support for the Canal Welcome Center, including: board development; fund development; internal capacity building; and outreach/marketing.

Marin County Bicycle Coalition

* Developed and implemented street safety educational curricula and outreach for Spanish speaking cyclists and pedestrians for the Share the Road program.

Grassroots Leadership Network

* Evaluation and strategic planning of the Building Healthy Communities Initiative, a community leadership effort funded by The California Endowment to raise the voice of underrepresented residents and develop a list of public concerns from which policy change can be pursued to promote healthier communities in Marin County.

Project Concern International

* Evaluation and strategic planning of The Border Health Initiative (BHI)’s Binational HIV/AIDS Committee. BHI supports community–based organizations and public health agencies along the California–Baja California border in order to respond to public health challenges and improve access to quality health services for border communities. The Binational HIV/AIDS Committee is one of the eight bi-national committees operating in the California–Baja California border region working to improve the health status of communities focusing on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.